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Young Filipinos explore the world of taste with Pepsi

Much has been said about Gen Z and the characteristics that set them apart from older cohorts. In general, those born between 1997 and 2012 are digital natives who are empowered multi-taskers and always up for an adventure. With less restrictions to mobility, Gen Z are among the first to embrace the return to travel and exploration, especially with friends.

Gen Z Filipinos, like others in their age group, are driven by their quest for identity and authenticity; thus their penchant for exciting, memorable experiences.
After the community lockdowns, they have proven to be keen in testing their boundaries through new pursuits.

In keeping with the times, Pepsi has kept its thumb on the pulse of the youth. The global well-loved beverage brand encourages young, optimistic Filipinos to celebrate living in the now by showcasing shared moments of togetherness in the spirit of discovery.  Pepsi is helping the Filipino youth discover their new personal dining favorites through food adventures and exploration.

“Regardless of the tongue-in-cheek generational stereotypes, Gen Z refuses to be classified into any hard-and-fast boxes. Pepsi remains a prime mover in inspiring the youth to go out of their comfort zones and make new memories through food and drink,” said Frederick D. Ong, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI), the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country.

“For decades, Pepsi has been a refreshing companion to Filipino food favorites—from pizza and pasta to grilled meat and barbecues. We aim to complement the Pinoy palate, especially that of Gen Z foodies, as they define their tastes as they go out and experience the world of taste for themselves,” Ong added.

PCPPI is the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country. Other than Pepsi, it distributes well-loved brands such as Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Sting, Tropicana, Lipton Iced Tea, Milkis, Chum Churum Soonhari, and Premier Purified Water. For more information about PCPPI and its products, please visit



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