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Inspired of Recent Talks and Times, D-Coy and Eich Collaborate for Their New Single “Marupok”

Rapper-producer D-Coy and singer-songwriter Eich Abando have collaborated for an awesome new track that’ll make you want to get out of the metro for a chill drive, with windows down and the very song as your company. The collaborating duo visited OPM Highlights to discuss the song’s message and how it came about.

D-Coy shares that they stumbled upon Eich’s composed song while they were setting up their new music studio at Black Market. “Yung pagkarinig na pagkarinig ko habang ginagawa niya yung song, sabi ko, ‘ito na, pwedeng single ‘to. Maganda yung material,” he  relates.

“Actually ‘nung pumasok ako sa song, nakatayo na siya. So, ni-reaarange lang namin siya- kung ano ‘yung magandang gawin na bridge, ano ‘yung magandang gawin na chorus or hook. Tapos sabi ko, ito lang yung maganda na storyline eh, dapat gawin natin dito and then that was it. Nagawa na namin agad yung song, nagulat kami dahil sobrang ganda ng kinalabasan.”

The duo says that they found inspiration in recent trends and talk of love and relationships online. “Nakita lang namin na mostly ngayon sa social media parang gano’n lagi ini-issue, about relationships- madali sila matempt, stuff like that,” they add, “So we decided, ‘gawa kaya tayo ng song about that para in general siya, tapos lagyan ‘din natin siya ng lesson sa song.”

The song generally depicts the relatable idea of how loyalty works in a relationship, specifically the lack of it. Explaining its concept, D-Coy tells, “yung guy, sobrang mahal niya yung girlfriend niya pero natempt siya, nakapag-cheat siya pero narealize niya at the end of the day na mahal niya talaga yung girlfriend niya, so wini-win back niya.” he shares, to which Eich respectively adds, “at dahil marupok rin yung girlfriend, balik siya ng balik.”

Aware of how this type of issue in a relationship remains common for many couples, the artists personally noted that it’s something that shouldn’t be too relatable in the first place, “dapat ‘di gano’n.”

Hear D-Coy’s power in his rap and Eich’s smooth yet modulated vocals compliment each other throughout the mix of synths and bopping beats! The song “Marupok” is out and now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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