thes shape of water

Weekend Movie Guide—’The Shape of Water’

Taking away both Best Director (for Guillermo del Toro) and Best Picture at the Oscars, we can’t find any more reason why you shouldn’t consider watching ‘The Shape of Water’.

A science-fiction fairy tale about a love story between a mute woman and an amphibious fish god, yes, it may sound too weird for an Oscar nominated film but many are rather saying, it’s sweet.

It stars Sally Hawkins as Eliza, a mute janitress in a secret government laboratory and Doug Jones as the mysterious creature.

Set in Baltimore in a time when the country is struggling with intolerance and hardly dealing with differences; see how the story shows acceptance and gorgeous love in an unlikely yet passionate romance between the two characters.

Meanwhile, the movie also won Best Original Music Score and Best Production Design at the Oscars.


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