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Ariana Grande and Justine Timberlake working on ‘amazing’ albums

Expect  amazing new albums from Ariana Grande and Justin Timberlake.

The assurance is coming from none other than the ‘Happy’ hitmaker Pharrell Williams who is currently working on two great records that will drop soon.

One is with Ariana and the other is with Justin.

In an interview, Williams can’t help but gush on how impressed and excited he is with the work the two are putting into their forthcoming albums.

“I have work to do, music to make. And so many records — Ariana Grande’s album is amazing; the Justin Timberlake album is amazing. There’s another album I can’t talk about but my fans know about it.”

The information was brought up after being asked whether or not he would be returning as a mentor on the US edition of ‘The Voice’.

It seems that he would not be returning to the singing competition, but he gave us plenty more to look forward to.

No details yet as to when any of the said three projects will drop.

Pharrell previously worked with Justin on his hit singles ‘Señorita’, ‘Rock Your Body’ and ‘Like I Love You’, while worked with Ariana on Calvin Harris’ hit ‘Heatstroke.’

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