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Leap to Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Cut To The Feeling’

Together with the release of Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Cut to the Feeling”, the singer’s fans online are already calling it as the song of summer and desperately wishing for the song to perform well on the chart.

The track was penned for Jepsen’s last album, Emotion in 2015.

And now it will appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming film ‘Leap’ which comes to theatres this August.

The theatrical pop ballad seems to meet Jepsen’s signature ‘80s sound which brings exciting feelings and harmonies…a song that you can’t help but sing along to.

“I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling/ I wanna dance on the roof, you and me alone/ I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah,” the chorus goes.

Jepsen will also be featured on the film’s soundtrack twice, with her latest track and a song called “Runaways” that is yet to be released.

Leap follows two friends on an adventure traveling to Paris in hopes of following their dreams.

The cast includes Elle Fanning, Nat Wolff, Maddie Ziegler, Mel Brooks and Katie McKinnon; Jepsen will be dubbing the prima ballerina named Odette.

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