Try ‘unconventional’ ways to find a job!

If you’re a newly grad and about to conquer the real world soon, you’re probably been having butterflies in your stomach these days.

We use to hear advices such as “pursue your passion,” “upgrade your network,” “prepare an impressive and tidy resume,” “do your homework,” and “dress for success”; proven and tested: those really work all the time but have you thought of being carefree and creative in job hunting?

In case you missed, The Forbes has listed 10 ‘unconventional’ (yet very effective!) tips for job seekers.

1. Be vulnerable. We always want to impress and show the ‘know it all’ attitude to land a job but try to find the best way to build relationships with people whom you’d like to work with (or for), share your admiration for their work, and ask for advice.

2. Don’t always follow your passion. We grew up hearing this career wisdom staple ‘follow your passion’ right? but Cal Newport, author of  So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love says it’s also wrong.

“If you study people who end up loving their work, most of them did not follow a pre-existing passion, he says. “Instead, their passion for the work developed over time as they got better at what they did and took more control over their career.”

It means, you might not get that dream job but it can always lead you to something good, a skill maybe that will lead you to a new passion. :)

3. Create your position. The key here is to study the industry or field you’re interested which includes determining the company you’d like to work for.

4. Learn how to listen. Listen and you’ll be able to converse well. Experts made a reminder during job interviews: Know when to talk, when to stop talking, and when to ask questions.

5. Start at the top and move down. Here’s their tip: Why approach human resources in hopes that your resume makes it to the hiring authority?” “Just get it there yourself. Be careful to use tact, respect and clarity during the process, but nevertheless, go straight to the decision maker.”

6. Build a relationship with the administrative assistant. Don’t just start from the top, try to build strategic relationship with personnel at all levels, administrative assistants in particular, why? They know the manager’s schedule, interests, responsibilities and preferences that will make a big difference.

7. Don’t apply for a job as soon as you find it. When you find a job online that you’re really interested in research that company and know its background including the professionals who work there.

8. Focus on body language. Watching and being careful on your body language will boost your confidence but at the same time you should also pay good enough attention to the interviewer’s body language to know if you’re on the right track.

9. Don’t focus on finding a job you love now. “Focus less on how much you would love doing the functions of the job and more on where you will have the greatest opportunity to add value to the company.”

10. Become their greatest fan. Establish enthusiasm and loyalty to your job and company.

Above all, always remember to be yourself, in case you’ll fail, cheer up! there’s always another chance, and grab it!

Good Luck on your job hunting Homies, you can make it!

*SOURCE: The Forbes Website

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