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Home Radio launches new show—’Indie Nation’

Just when you thought you’ve heard enough— INDIE MUSIC surfaces—it may be underrated, unpopular and unrecognized but it’s never too late to get out of your usual radio routine.

We are aware even up to now, the ‘mainstream’ had so much power that independent labels struggle to become established but these indie artists are gradually making an impact through beautifully written songs that the new generation of listeners can also relate to.

New and good music are just there for you to listen to and for you to find out.

Last January 26, 2017, we in Home Radio, the Music of Now and the Home of the Millennials made a strong move to finally recognize our local indie artists by launching our very own radio show—INDIE NATION, The New Home of Indie Music.

Some of our live guests for the pilot episode of the show were Benny Bunny Band and Jose at Musika. 

Benny Bunny Band is an electrifying three piece band composed of Benny Giron on ukulele, Ess Bobadilla on bass, and Jhenico dela Cruz on drums. The band established their own music genre which people now call “Kuneho Rock”, meanwhile Jose at Musika plays music that is a fusion of jazz, blues, alternative rock, and folk music.

Now more than ever is a great opportunity to SUPPORT OPM indie bands, RECOGNIZE their work and help them PROMOTE indie music.

With the warm soothing combination of pop, electric, yet emotionally-haunting soundscape they create, with the harmony from their keyboard and guitar topped off with ethereal vocals, releasing an air of slow music and mystery—this will remind us that, hey they are worth listening too!

OPM indie bands are proof of the authenticity of amateurism, and we, in Home Radio, are one with them in believing that a certain charm always prevails in doing something yourself, and we want to celebrate it.

Moving forward, we are planning to invite more local indie bands to perform live as our studio guests and even do bar tour series.

They can be heard live by our listeners, and they can directly interact with their target audience.

This is also a perfect time for them to introduce their cause and inspire the young generation to continue doing what they love.

Always remember, some real gems are just in front of you and waiting to be seen, let us help them take their spot in popular music, NOW.

Catch the Indie Nation show every Thursday 7-8 PM, only here at 97.9 Home Radio.

By Aiza Rendon 

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